SKL moderniserar IT-driften med Basefarm som helhetsleverantör

Stockholm 22 October 2018

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, SKL) has signed an agreement with the European Managed Service Provider Basefarm. The agreement entails that Basefarm is taking full responsibility for SKL’s IT operations. SKL is changing its operational model from maintaining its own servers to outsourcing it to Basefarm.


“This new approach, in which we turn over a large part of our IT operations to experts, enables us to better serve as an example in innovation and digitalization,” says Lotta Nordström, Section Manager at SKL’s digitalization unit.

SKL has had its own servers in-house. Over time, and as new IT solutions were introduced, the IT environment became increasingly complex, not the least from an operational perspective. In conjunction with the expiration of the existing IT agreement, SKL procured new services with one of the goals being that the vendor could provide advanced expertise in operations and meet SKL’s needs for stable, secure and scalable IT.

“We support our members based on national decisions in digitalization, at the same time as we provide IT services and digitalization to SKL as an organization,” says Lotta Nordström. “Through collaboration with Basefarm, we’re opening the way for synergies, creating a place for testing on a local level before moving up to the regional and municipal levels.

With the agreement, SKL eliminates the need for additional resources for operations and proactive development of the IT environment. This means that SKL gets more time to focus on organizational development, meeting association members and listening, understanding and guiding them in their work.

“We are very excited about being entrusted to assist SKL in becoming a good example in digitalization and IT,” says Sara Murby Forste, CEO for Basefarm. “Our goal is always to help our customers excel in IT so that they can provide the best possible experience and services to their customers. In this case, we also offer IT as part of the digitalization journey for their end-customers. Our ambitions are completely in line with those of SKL, and it’s great fun working together with an organization that is so goal-oriented and that values innovation as much as SKL.”