Basefarm expanding collaboration with SBAB

The Managed service provider Basefarm is expanding its collaboration with SBAB, as the bank intensifies its initiative in infrastructure services with extremely high security. This means, among other things, that Basefarm is helping SBAB to efficiently provide fast and innovative services based on high availability and security.

“Enhanced collaboration with Basefarm is in line with our goal of offering Sweden’s best mortgages,” says Marko Ivanic, SBAB’s head of operations, infrastructure and support. “To accomplish this, our IT infrastructure must be configured so that we can continuously develop innovative services while maintaining security and availability. Basefarm’s experts are adept at this. Additionally, we like their way of working with us as a partner rather than as a traditional supplier.”

In the banking and financial sector, security and availability are crucial for the customer’s experience and loyalty. Furthermore, due to interaction between banks and customers often involving sensitive personal data, SBAB must ensure that data integrity and availability are handled in accordance with the evolving stipulations of GDPR and NIS.

“SBAB already had an extremely high level of security, but it’s always good to expand and further improve security to stay a step ahead,” says Fredrik Svantes, head of security operations at Basefarm. “There will always be new and attractive services and tools, and it is important to find the right level of security in line with the existing regulations, but also based on customer expectations for availability and speed.”

Banking details constitute sensitive information and are protected by strict regulations that are constantly evolving. At the same time, the IT infrastructure and applications are changing both in the form of new systems and regular updates of existing systems, and these can affect one another in various ways.

“We have broad experience as expert advisors with regard to recommending and implementing the right products and the right level of security,” says Fredrik Svantes. “We work proactively with operational and security matters, and we’re looking forward to continued collaboration with SBAB in providing banking services of the absolute highest class.”

Both Basefarm and SBAB are members of the Swedish CERT Forum, which is a group made up of organizations with a sharp focus on security that work together in further pursuing the issues at hand, sharing information and securing critical societal functions. Basefarm is a co-founder of the Swedish CERT Forum.